About Us

Experanza Momoh Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organisation established to cater for the poor and the vulnerable in the society by providing them with basic needs of life. The need for the Foundation was borne out of the sheer desire by the founder to extend a helping hand to the vulnerable in society, and lift them to stand on their feet too. The main drive of the foundation is hinged on hope of ensuring that the index of poor people is reduced to the barest minimum. Therefore, Experanza Momoh Foundation becomes another contribution by the founder to flatten the poverty curve in Nigeria, and in extension, other African countries.

The high rate of poverty in Africa cannot be over emphasized, therefore, the government alone cannot be saddled with the responsibility of providing succor to everyone. For this reason, it becomes imperative to contribute in whatever measure towards helping the very vulnerable in our society to be able to experience a bit of the basic things of life. Experanza Momoh Foundation is one of the many Non-Governmental Organisations founded to contribute in their own unique ways to address this menace.

We at Experanza Momoh Foundation have particular focus, which is providing food, education, health care, etc. to people in need, with specific interest in children whose parents or guardians cannot provide for their feeding daily. It is our cardinal belief that if there are people who can’t afford needs as basic as daily food, such individuals are likely going to be prone to committing any crime just to have food to eat, no matter how small. Beyond this, we also bring smiles to couples who are looking for children, but are limited by health complicated issues that hinder their productivity. To address this worry, Experanza Momoh Foundation assists such couples through IVF.

Therefore, Experanza-Momoh Foundation is a charity organisation positioned to address such situations in its own unique way.

Experanza Momoh foundation is a duly registered Non-Governmental Organisation within the ordinance of existing laws governing the establishment of NGOs in Nigeria.

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